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Bus trip Córdoba ↔ General Pico: Travel summary and data

Salidas diarias
Aprox. 23
horas de salida
22:40 - 22:40
Precio y valor del pasaje
Aprox. $
Duración del viaje
Aprox. 08:10

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Comprar pasajes saliendo de Córdoba a General Pico. Pasajes baratos a General Pico en bus precio y horario desde Córdoba.

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Buses → Córdoba - General Pico:

Pasajes baratos a General Pico en bus precio y horario desde Córdoba.

Information about Córdoba:

The province of Córdoba is the second province with the largest number of inhabitants in the country, behind only Buenos Aires, and the city of Cordoba is the largest city in Argentina, with around 3.3 million inhabitants and an area of  580 square kilometers. The province is located in the central Argentina, and the city of Córdoba, at the same time, is located in the northern centre of the province. Its capital is the City of Córdoba (also popularly called CBA) and is, as we mentioned before, one of the most important cities in the country.

Córdoba has a Bus Terminal (also called "La Nueva Terminal" (The New Terminal) ) that consists of 2 buildings connected through a tunnel. The Córdoba Bus Terminal is located in the Nueva Córdoba neighborhood within the City of Córdoba. Here you can read more about the Córdoba Bus Terminal.

As an interesting fact of the province of Córdoba, the Province is the second largest in the country (in size), also behind the Buenos Aires Province. In recent years - as the statistics show - the province and its different tourist attractions have seen a general increase in terms of visitors and travelers.

Some of the most visited touristic points of the City of Córdoba are: the famous "Iglesia de Los Capuchinos", Los Terrones, Museo Histórico UNC Manzana Jesuítica and Valle de Calamuchita, among other natural attractions. 

When visiting the city of Cordoba, it is also popular to visit other nearby cities such as: Villa María, Río Cuarto, La Falda and Villa Carlos Paz.

Information about General Pico:

In this section we will give you information about traveling by bus to the City of General Pico: ticket price, check availability of tickets, arrival and departure times at bus terminals, most chosen destinations to and from the City of General Pico, companies to make the tour, possibility to choose service category, trip duration, travel, price comparison and companies.

General Pico is an Argentine city located in the north of the Province of Santa Rosa, it is the second most populous city in the Province, just behind the capital city, Santa Rosa. Some of the most requested routes to and from General Pico are: General Pico - Santa Rosa, General Pico - Buenos Aires, General Pico - Quemú Quemú, Buenos Aires - General Pico, General Pico - Junin and General Pico - Río Cuarto, among others tours.

General Pico is an Argentine town that economically relies mostly on the transport of merchandise, has a cargo airport ... In addition to this its economy, to a lesser extent, lies in the agricultural sector. Touristically speaking General Pico is a city that does not receive a large number of visitors annually, so that different plans and proposals are currently being studied in order to activate this item.

Some of the most requested companies for the Buenos Aires - Gral. Pico tour are: Cóndor Estrella, Dumascat and Pullman, among other companies.

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