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Bus trip Mendoza ↔ Necochea: Travel summary and data

Salidas diarias
Aprox. 3
horas de salida
12:45 - 12:45
Precio y valor del pasaje
Aprox. $
Duración del viaje
Aprox. 19:55

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Comprar pasajes saliendo de Mendoza a Necochea. Pasajes baratos a MendozaNecochea en bus precio y horario desde Mendoza.

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Buses → Mendoza - Necochea:

Pasajes baratos a MendozaNecochea en bus precio y horario desde Mendoza.

Information about Mendoza:

Mendoza is a province of Argentina located to the west of the country. It is the fifth most populous province in the country (with 1.7 million inhabitants) and the seventh in terms of size. The capital of the province is the city of Mendoza, and is located east of the Andes Mountains and very close to the capital of the neighboring country, Santiago de Chile.

It is very popular for young people in Mendoza to vacation on the beaches of Chile, and for young Chileans also travel to the capital of Mendoza. Mendoza is one of the most visited Argentine cities in the country. The province is also characterized by its production of wine and related products. It is the city with the most visitors and the largest number of inhabitants in the Cuyo region of Argentina.

Some of the most visited and most popular places in Mendoza are: San Martin Park, Plaza Independencia, Cerro de la Gloria, numerous tours and tastings in different wineries (winemakers) in the vicinity of the city, usually located in Luján de Cuyo , such as the Tierras Altas Winery, Pulenta Estate Winery, Ruca Malen Winery, and Carmelo Patti Winery among many others.

When traveling and visiting the City of Mendoza, it is also necessary to visit other nearby locations such as: San Rafael, Tunuyán, Malargüe, Santiago de Chile (Chile), Valparaíso (Chile), San Juan and San Luis, we note that they are usually locations in the Cuyo region and in Chile, due to the proximity.

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Information about Necochea:

In this section you can buy your tickets from Necochea to Buenos Aires.

Necochea is a city, of the so famous Atlantic Coast Argentina, it is located at the same time, within the Province of Buenos Aires. The city has just under 100,000 inhabitants.

The city, like the great majority of cities that are located on the Coast of Buenos Aires, is characterized by receiving a large number of visitors in the Argentine summer. Necochea has some of the busiest and most visited beaches in all of Argentina

Necochea is very close to other locations such as Lobería, Miramar, Mar del Plata, Tandil, Tres Arroyos, Colonel Dorrego and Monte Hermoso.

Some of the most visited points when traveling to Necochea are: The Quequen Lighthouse, The Costa Bonita Spa, The Escollera de Necochea, Las Grutas, The Miguel Lillo Park, and The Palmeras Este Spa.

We give you some tips if you plan to travel to Necochea:

- The ZEUS Spa also has a SURF school, both highly recommended

- Some points of interest not well known, but highly recommended are: Las Cascadas, Parque Miguel Lillo and El Barco Encallado

- If you are looking for a quiet spa, we recommend Los Balneario Los Angeles

The Necochea Bus Terminal is located on 58th Avenue, next to the Quequén Grande River.

It is possible to travel with the following long distance micro companies: Condor Estrella, El Rápido and Plusmar, among other companies.

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