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Bus trip San Luis ↔ San Francisco: Travel summary and data

Salidas diarias
Aprox. 2
horas de salida
20:00 - 20:00
Precio y valor del pasaje
Aprox. $
Duración del viaje
Aprox. 08:25

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Comprar pasajes saliendo de San Luis a San Francisco. Pasajes baratos a San Francisco en bus precio y horario desde San Luis.

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Buses → San Luis - San Francisco:

Pasajes baratos a San Francisco en bus precio y horario desde San Luis.

Information about San Luis:

The City of San Luis is the capital of the Province of San Luis, and is located in the Cuyo region of Argentina. The province is bordered to the east by Mendoza, and to the west by the Province of Córdoba, the City of San Luis, in turn, is located in the center of the Province. The city, although not very large in size, has more than 200,000 inhabitants.

Some of the most visited points are the Sierra de las Quijadas National Park, the Cabildo and Pirámide de Mayo, the Salto de la Moneda, the Cóndores Mine and the Puntano de la Independencia People's Monument. The Province in turn has recently renovated roads, facilitating access to the city. The climate of the city is characteristic of the Cuyo area of ​​Argentina, arid, although the fauna that can be found in the province of San Juan is very abundant.

Here you can find information about the San Luis Terminal.

The distance between San Luis and Buenos Aires, traveling by bus, is approximately 900 kilometers.

By selecting, above in the search engine, the city of origin and destination, and the desired date to travel, you can buy tickets for Buenos Aires - San Luis and San Luis - Buenos Aires by bus.

Information about San Francisco:

In this informative section, we give you information about the trip by bus from San Francisco: ticket prices, arrival and departure times of buses, most popular destinations to and from San Francisco, companies that make the journey, route map, comparison of prices and companies, selection of service category (bed, half bed, total bed and more) ... So you can choose the most convenient and cheap ticket!

San Francisco is a city in Argentina located in the center of the country, and in turn, at the eastern end of the Province of Córdoba, very close to the border with the Province of Santa Fe. Some of the most requested routes to and from San Francisco They are: San Francisco - Córdoba, San Francisco - Buenos Aires, San Francisco - Mendoza, Mendoza - San Francisco, Córdoba - San Francisco, Buenos Aires - San Francisco, San Francisco - Santa Fe and Rosario - San Francisco, among other routes.

San Francisco is a Cordovan town that has been characterized, almost historically, mainly by agro-livestock production (also typical of the area where this town is located), and over the years this production has diversified and the agro-livestock industry lost certain weight. Although, as we have just mentioned, it is not a tourist-oriented town, it does have a good number of travelers who visit it, and according to different recent studies, the number of visitors has been increasing.

Some of the most requested companies for the San Francisco, Córdoba - Mendoza tour are: Andesmar, among other companies.

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