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Bus trip Villa General Belgrano ↔ Liniers: Travel summary and data

Salidas diarias
Aprox. 2
horas de salida
19:15 - 19:15
Precio y valor del pasaje
Aprox. $
Duración del viaje
Aprox. 12:35

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Comprar pasajes saliendo de Villa General Belgrano a Liniers. Pasajes baratos a Liniers en bus precio y horario desde Villa General Belgrano.

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Buses → Villa General Belgrano - Liniers:

Pasajes baratos a Liniers en bus precio y horario desde Villa General Belgrano.

Information about Villa General Belgrano:

In this section we will provide you with information on traveling by bus to the City of Villa General Belgrano: ticket price, check ticket availability, arrival and departure times at bus terminals, most chosen destinations to and from the City of Villa General Belgrano, companies to make the tour, possibility to choose service category, trip duration, travel, price comparison and companies.

Villa General Belgrano is an Argentine town located in the center of the country, within the Province of Córdoba, is located about 90 kilometers south of the City of Córdoba. Some of the most requested routes to and from Villa General Belgrano are: Villa General Belgrano - Córdoba, Villa General Belgrano - Buenos Aires, Villa General Belgrano - Río Cuarto, Villa General Belgrano - Villa María and Villa General Belgrano - San Luis, among others tours.

Villa General Belgrano is a Cordovan town, not very large in size (it has about 9,000 inhabitants), it has a very good tourist offer, just like other Cordovan tourist towns in the area, it stands out for having a great German, Austrian and Switzerland, due to the immigrants who populated it there during the 1930s. Some of the most outstanding activities of Villa General Belgrano are: the National Festival of the Viennese Dough, the National Beer Festival (Oktoberfest) and also the Alpine Chocolate Festival .

Some of the most requested companies for the Buenos Aires - Villa General Belgrano tour are: Sierras Cordobesas, among other companies.

Information about Liniers:

In this section you can buy your tickets from Liniers to Villa General Belgrano.

Liniers is a neighborhood of the City of Buenos Aires, is located west of the city, bordering the neighborhoods of Ciudadela and Mataderos. The neighborhood has an estimated population of more than 40,000 inhabitants.

A curiosity of this neighborhood, is that it has its own terminal, the Liniers Terminal, located on General Paz Avenue, just on the border with the Province of Buenos Aires, although it is small compared to the Retiro Terminal (the largest in it it is possible to buy tickets from more than 50 different micro companies.

Another curiosity of Liniers is that it has the main venue and stadium (Amalfitani) of the popular Argentine soccer team, Vélez Sarsfield. Some popular points of liniers are, the Rivadavia Avenue, the Liniers Shopping Center, the Plaza Coronel Martín Irigoyen and the Plaza Sargento Cabral.

It is possible to travel with long distance bus companies: Andesmar, Cóndor Estrella, El Cóndor, El Valle and Plusmar, among other companies.

Here are some tips if you plan to travel to Liniers:

- You can get there by bus or train (from some locations)

- A not well known place is the Bolivian Fair of Liniers (also called Mercado Andino)

- We assume that if you travel to Liniers you have already visited the nearby neighborhoods and the City of Buenos Aires, if you have not already done so, DO IT!

Here you can find information about Liniers Terminal.

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