Flecha Bus

  • First Class Service
  • Bed Service
  • Semi Bed Service
• Big comfortable leather seats
• 180º reclination
• Feet rest table of 180º reclination
• More privacy by means of
  a dividing curtain
• Pillow and blanket
• Meat, Chicken or Vegetables Menu
  for dinner
• Sorround sound
• Heating and Air conditioning
• DVD and MP3 Systems
• Type of service:
  Su: first Class Service
  Sx: no meals services on board
• Leather/woolen comfortable seats
• 150º reclination
• Feet rest table
• Breakfast
• Pillow and blanket
• Heating and Air conditioning
• DVD and MP3 Systems
• Extra wide seat
• Type of service:
  Ej: meals services on board
  Ex: no meals services on board
• Leather/woolen seats
• 120º reclination
• Feet rest table
• Heating and Air conditioning
• Background music and video
• Type of service:
  Sj: meals services on board
  Sc: no meals services on board

Flechabus Business Run Argentina
Dear passenger:

1- The acquisition by Ticket Online of tickets impliess for his acquiring, the full knowledge and express the acceptance of each and every one of the conditions specified below, under the laws
and regulations.

2- Remember that once you purchase online you must print the ticket for your journey. No claims will be accepted at the door of the bus or agencies.

3- At the time of issuance of this ticket you should check the date
and time of travel, seat, as well as the price, category, type of service and duty station as requested by you Once issued, there will be no complaints once you have issued it.

4- The ticket purchase entitles you to carry a handbag and luggage
for free as a lump that does not exceed 20 kg. as stipulated by Resolution 47/1995 ST. The passenger must consult in the terminal agency of the Company chosen about excess costs.

5- All the companies report before the election of the seat,
their particular business conditions. The customer must accept them
in order to buy a ticket.

6- Ticket Online is not responsible for any costs or damages,
caused by the delay in departure, arrival and / or interruptions during the trip, when it is due to unforeseeable circumstances or majeure force. Ticket Online is a trading of servicesand of transportation and is only responsible for the offer posted on its site, the reservation of its users and the sale of the services.

7- DOCUMENTS: In the case of international services, the passenger must comply with all governmental requirements as regards Personal Documents required to travel, at the moment of leaving and entering both countries. Ticket Online is not responsible for expenses and inconveniences arising from the passenger’s lack of compliance of these requirements.

8- RETURNS OR EXCHANGES OF Ticket Online: The tickets purchased by Internet or Ticket Online Call Center, can be exchanged or returned only by the same way and paying the charges that correspond, forwarding the ticket requesting a refund or exchange to contacto@ticketonline.com.ar
PENALTIES: In both cases, will be retained: within 24 hours before departure 30% within 36 hours prior to departure 20%, more than
48 hours before departure 10%. The % retention will be applied to the total amount paid for the ticket less the service charge. The debit will be made in authorized credit card at time of ticket purchase.
The returned ticket has an aditional charge.

9- The credit card transactions are authorized by NPS Argentina S.A. NPS is a company that provides gateway services and Management
of Credit Card Payment. Through Payment Form OF NPS allows to authorize the online purchase. The service is enabled and approved by all the approved centers of the credit cards in Argentina. The use, credit terms, interest payment and other conditions applicable to credit cards, are the exclusive responsibility of the issuer.

10- PURCHASE SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION: Every ticket purchased under this type of contract (Ticket Online) and paid in advance by credit card, debit and / or any other method of electronic payment,
is subject to verification by the company, they may in case of irregularities; required to the bearer user of the ticket, a clear evidence of the payment used for purchase, which should show prior
to the effective provision of service.

11- The tickets bought on Ticket Online have an aditional charge.


Our fleet

Es una empresa argentina que, desde 1959 opera en el mercado

del transporte con el compromiso y la responsabilidad de brindar
la mejor calidad de servicio. Cuenta con una vasta experiencia y
pone al servicio del pasajero modernas unidades y la más avanzada tecnología, con el objetivo de cubrir las necesidades de sus pasajeros.

Actualmente es el grupo empresario mas grande del país y sus servicios se  extienden del centro al noreste del país, como así también al oeste y norte.

Conditions os sale