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Bus trip Atacama ↔ Salta: Travel summary and data

Salidas diarias
Aprox. 2
horas de salida
07:00 - 07:00
Precio y valor del pasaje
Aprox. $2300.00
Duración del viaje
Aprox. 10:30

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Comprar pasajes de Atacama (Chile) a Salta en micro. Pasajes baratos a Salta en bus desde San Pedro de Atacama.

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Information about Atacama:

In this section you will find passages to San Pedro de Atacama, from Salta.

San Pedro de Atacama is a town and commune of Chile that is within the Province of El Loa, and at the same time, within the Region of Antofagasta. San Pedro de Atacama is located in the northeast of the country, very close to the border with neighboring countries of Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

The entire commune of San Pedro has around 5,000 inhabitants. The small commune is mostly known and visited (initially by few South American travelers in the region, although nowadays it is known worldwide) for being "the entrance" to the famous Atacama Desert, so most of the people who visit the desert , also passes through San Pedro de Atacama. 

Some points of interest (not including El Desierto de Atacama) are: Valle de La Luna, Los Geiseres del Tatio, Laguna Chaxa, San Pedro Church and El Salara de Tara, among many other points of interest.

It is usual to make excursions to the different natural attractions of the area. San Pedro de Atacama is located near other locations such as: Calama, Antofagasta, Iquique, Mejillones, Salta (Argentina), Jujuy (Argentina), Uyuni (Bolivia) and Tarija (Bolivia). 

We provide you with some information about the departures to Salta from San Pedro: 

Departure times: 08:00 hs.

It is possible to travel with long distance bus companies: Andesmar, among other companies. 

We give you some tips if you plan to travel to San Pedro de Atacama: 

- When traveling to San Pedro, it is also frequent to take advantage of the short distances and also visit Uyuni.

- It is possible to arrive by bus (from Argentina) from Salta usually, although it is also possible to do it from Jujuy or Purmamarca. 

- One of the best times to travel to San Pedro is during the month of January (due to the rains).

- It is also possible to climb volcanoes (keep in mind that each climb takes an average of one day).

- Remember to wear a cap, sunscreen and moisturizers, due to the super-arid climate and the sun.

- If you want to save money you can take your own tent / tent.

- If you think about the duration of the trip, if you want to focus on El Desierto de Atacama and little else, you should go a minimum of 3 days.

- To move around the place, it is best to rent a car (you can do it for example, at the Calama Airport). 

The distance between Salta and San Pedro de Atacama, traveling by bus, is approximately 550 kilometers.

Here you can find information about the Atacama Terminal.

Information about Salta:

The city of Salta is one of the most important in the North of Argentina, highlighted by its cuisine, music and landscape, is established as one of the mandatory destinations within the tourist route of the country, is the capital of the homonymous province.

The most visited points of this town in the north of the country are: The Cathedral of Salta, the Natural Amphitheater, the San Bernardo Hill, the Church of San Francisco, the Cuesta del Obispo, the Tren de las Nubes and the Salinas Grandes. Broadly speaking, we can see the natural and historical heritage of Salta, "la linda".

As previously mentioned, this province has a renowned gastronomy highlighted by the traditional and folkloric that leads to each of your meals and drinks. Empanadas, roasts and different varietals of wines make this northern territory one of the most recognized in Argentina for its culinary history. 

As a main point of visit throughout Latin America we find the Tren de Las Nubes, from there you can contemplate the diversity of flora and fauna of the entire city of Salta.

Some localities near the city of Salta are: Tilcara, San Salvador de Jujuy, San Ramon de la Nueva Oran, San Pedro de Jujuy, Joaquin V. Gonzalez, Monte Quemado, Metán, Cafayate and San Miguel de Tucumán.

We provide you some information about arrivals to Salta from San Pedro:

Departure times: 20:00 hs.

We give you some tips if you plan to travel to Salta: 

- If you plan to tour the city, it is often convenient to rent a car

- A celebration many times little known, but very recommended is The Ceremony of La Pachamama.

- An attraction often ignored is the hill of the Virgin and its grotto.

- If you travel to Salta, you may want to take advantage of it and also take a 1-day trip to Salinas Grandes and Purmamarca, or to Cafayate.

- Many times the road to Iruya is not recommended in own car, due to the state of the roads.

- If you plan to make the train trip to Las Nubes, remember that there are only departures on Tuesdays and Saturdays, so it is advisable to book in advance.

- Remember that Salta is a city located in a high altitude area, so there are many people who take a few days to get used to it.

Here you can find information about the Salta Terminal.

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