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Bus trip Jesús María ↔ Jujuy: Travel summary and data

Salidas diarias
Aprox. 2
horas de salida
19:25 - 19:25
Precio y valor del pasaje
Aprox. $
Duración del viaje
Aprox. 13:00

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Comprar pasajes saliendo de Jesús María a Jujuy. Pasajes baratos a Jujuy en bus precio y horario desde Jesús María.

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Buses → Jesús María - Jujuy:

Pasajes baratos a Jujuy en bus precio y horario desde Jesús María.

Information about Jesús María:

In this section you can buy your tickets from Jesús María to San Salvador de Jujuy.

Jesús María is a city located in the center of the Province of Córdoba, it is located near the City of Córdoba, about 50 kilometers away. Jesús María is a city with approximately 30,000 inhabitants. The main economic activity of this Cordovan town is agriculture and related industries.

Although it does not stand out especially in the area of ​​tourism, Jesús María has the popular National and International Festival of Dressage and Folklore of Jesús María, and it is when this is celebrated (for 10 nights, in the month of January) when the city receives The largest number of visitors.

Some towns near Jesús María are: City of Córdoba, Capilla del Monte, La Falda, Villa Carlos Paz, Alta Gracia, Villa Dolores and San Francisco.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in this town are: Estancia Jesuitica Jesus Maria, Estancia de Caroya, The José Hernández Amphitheater and Salinas Grandes, among many other local landmarks.

Jesús María has a bus terminal on Laprida Avenue and Almafuerte Street. Some of the most requested bus companies there are: Chevallier, ERSA, Plusultra and Via TAC.

We give you some tips if you plan to travel to Jesús María:

- Remember that during the Festival of Dressage and Folklore the city receives a large number of visitors, so if you plan to travel on that date, remember to make the appropriate reservations

- If you visit Jesús María and have not yet visited Córdoba City, do it!

- We recommend visiting the different and beautiful Cordoba locations that extend through the mountains

- Also highly recommended is The Way of the Jesuit Stays


It is possible to travel with long distance micro companies: Balut, among other companies.

Information about Jujuy:

San Salvador de Jujuy is the capital city and most populous locality of the Argentine Province of Jujuy. It has about 240,000 inhabitants and is located in the extreme north of the country.

It is one of the most visited places in northern Argentina, and in recent years, it has become popular to travel to San Salvador de Jujuy. Among the most important points we can highlight: Government House of Jujuy, Belgrano Square, Termas de Reyes, Cathedral of San Salvador de Jujuy, Juan Galo Lavalle Provincial Historical Museum, and Pegraonal Belgrano, among other points of interest.

Some towns near the city are: The City of Salta, San Pedro de Jujuy, Cafayate, San Miguel de Tucumán, San Ramon de la Nueva Oran, Calama (Chile), San Pedro de Atacama (Chile), and Tarija (Bolivia) , among many other locations.

The city has a bus terminal (also called Terminal General Manuel Eduardo Arias) in the center of the city between Route 66 and Route 9, from where more than 30 different micro companies depart.

Some other points normally visited when traveling to San Salvador de Jujuy are: Laguna de Los Pozuelos Natural Monument, Salinas Grandes, Termas de Reyes, Purmamarca, and Calilegua National Park, among many other points of interest.

We give you some tips if you plan to travel to Jujuy:

- A good idea if you plan to make different excursions is to have a base in Tilcará, due to its proximity to many points of interest (Purmamarca, Humahuaca, etc)

- Purmamarca artisan market is a point of interest often ignored

- We recommend the Salinas Grandes excursion

- Termas de Reyes of a good place to visit, is not far from San Salvador

- Remember that it is also possible to perform sports such as trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding

- We also recommend (if you have enough time) to visit Las Lagunas de Yala Falls.


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