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Bus trip Junín ↔ Puerto Madryn: Travel summary and data

Salidas diarias
Aprox. 2
horas de salida
15:40 - 15:40
Precio y valor del pasaje
Aprox. $
Duración del viaje
Aprox. 18:45

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Comprar pasajes de Junín a Puerto Madryn en micro. Pasajes baratos a Puerto Madryn en bus desde Junín.

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Buses → Junín - Puerto Madryn:

Pasajes baratos a Puerto Madryn en bus precio y horario desde Junín.

Information about Junín:

Junin is a city located within the Province of Buenos Aires, is located in the North Province of Buenos Aires, and in the west City of Buenos Aires, at a distance of approximately 300 kilometers.

Junin is a city with around 90,000 inhabitants, and is close to other locations such as: Venado Tuerto, Pergamino, San Nicolás de Los Arroyos, San Pedro and América.

Mention the tourism sector, Junín has a stable growth in recent years, and travel to Junín is very common, especially on holidays such as Semana Santa (Holy Week), from different locations in Buenos Aires, as well as from other Argentine provinces.

Some of the main local landmarks in Junín are: Laguna de Gómez Natural Park, Millennium Fountain, Ángel María de Rosa Municipal Art Museum, Carpincho Lagoon, Contemporary Art Museum and 9 de Julio Square , among many other points of touristic interest.

The city is renowned for its many natural attractions. There is a bus terminal in the center of the city, specifically on San Martin Avenue and Belgrano Street.

Information about Puerto Madryn:

Information about Puerto Madryn

In this section we will provide you with information about traveling by bus to Puerto Madryn: ticket price, check availability of tickets, arrival and departure times at bus terminals, most chosen destinations to and from Puerto Madryn, companies to carry out the tour, possibility to choose service category, duration of the trip, route, price comparison and companies.

Puerto Madryn is an Argentine city located in the northeast part of the Province of Chubut, it is characterized for receiving a large number of visitors annually and for being considered a tourist center of the region. Some of the most requested routes to and from Puerto Madryn are: Trelew - Puerto Madryn, Comodoro Rivadavia - Puerto Madryn, Puerto Madryn - Río Gallegos, Bahía Blanca - Puerto Madryn, Bariloche - Puerto Madryn, Neuquén - Puerto Madryn, Las Grutas - Puerto Madryn, Puerto Madryn - Buenos Aires and Puerto Madryn - Puerto Montt, among other routes.

Puerto Madryn is one of the most visited cities in the entire Patagonia region of the country. The main attraction of Puerto Madryn lies in its beaches, in summer they are very crowded, and there it is customary to practice different water sports. In addition to this, it is also normal to travel to Puerto Madryn for the sighting of different marine animals that can be easily seen in this area of ​​the country. In addition to this, Puerto Madryn offers a very good gastronomic and hotel offer.

Some of the most requested companies for the Bahía Blanca - Puerto Madryn route are: Andesmar, Condor Estrella, Don Otto and Tramat, among other companies.

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