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How to buy bus tickets?

How to buy tickets online

The info you need to buy bus tickets on Ticketonline.com.ar :

• Full names of the passengers. The number of your identity card or passport that you are going to travel with.

• A credit card to make the payment.

• A valid email account to receive your bus e-tickets.

Follow these steps to buy your ticket:

First step

Enter to the service search engine.
Choose origin, destination and travel date.

Step 2 - how to buy

Choose hours and company.

Step 3

Select the desired service.
Choose the seat for the departure and/or return.

Step 4 - receive your e-tickets

Complete the passengers and credit/debit card holder's information.
When the payment is made the tickets will be displayed on the screen.
You will receive an email with the E-tickets.

With the E-ticket you do not need to print your ticket, you get on the bus with your ID or your e-ticket on your cell phone.


E-TICKET is easy, safe and eco-friendly

At the end of the purchase, you will receive in your email, E-tickets to travel.
Just show them to the driver of your trip and you are ready to board the bus.
Some companies only ask for your ID or passport.

You do NOT need to print the e-tickets and, by the way, we help to take care of the environment. :)