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Expreso Encon

Express Find a company that offers a superior quality service based on commitment, responsibility and customer satisfaction with a vast experience, acquired by years of work and knowing how to listen to our customers, in order to satisfy their needs. As a transport company the mission is to provide a service of excellence to its customers throughout the Argentine territory and the bordering region. As the vision is to be a model company from where the last customer meets customer satisfaction, I could take it to the best possible destinations.

Services / Classes

  • 140º seat
    • Seats with a reclining angle of 140º
    • Autobar
    • Heating and air-conditioning
    • DVD movies on-board
    • Music player
    • On-board bathroom
    • Individual light
  • Common seat
    • Common
    • Air-conditioning
    • Luggage rack
    • Security camera
    • Wi-Fi
    • TDA: Televisión Digital Abierta (Open-air digital television)

Destinations and routes covered by Expreso Encon:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

  1. Córdoba- Buenos Aires

  2. Córdoba- Concepción del Uruguay

  3. Córdoba- Corrientes

  4. Córdoba- Montevideo