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San Martin

San Martin bus company, is a company based in the south of the country, specifically in the Province of Neuquén. The company today is responsible for transporting more than 70,000 passengers and travels more than 80,000 kilometers a year. It is characterized by a service with the aim ensure the satisfaction and all the different needs of its clients.

Services / Classes

  • Common service
    120º seat
    • Leather / cloth seats
    • A reclining angle of 120º
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • Music and video players
    • Type of service:
    • Co: common service

Destinations and routes covered by San Martin:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

As for the frequent destinations and departures of the company, it should be noted that this company is based in Neuquen and is responsible for connecting different locations with Buenos Aires, and to the other side of the Cordillera (it provides international services), to our neighboring country, Chile.
With this in mind, some of the destinations that the company covers are: San Martin de Los Andes and Junín de Los Andes. In Chile: Valdivia and Villarica, both localities in the Region of Los Ríos. As noted, except for Buenos Aires, all the points where the company provides its services are in the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia.