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Ñandú del Sur

In the late 60s Ñandú del Sur joined the popular group Andesmar, which at that time covered the destinations of Carhué, Pigüé, Bahia Blanca, Tornquist and Saaverda, and later would expand its destinations by adding Coronel Suárez to Bolivar.

In those years, that area was in a phase of continuous growth, in the year 69 Ñandú del Sur extended the line of the company to the city of Rosario and localities near the city.

Nowadays, the company is characterized by its recently renewed long distance bus fleet, and its daily work, thus managing to meet the different needs of its passengers. The company has always provided quality and safety at all levels of the organization.

Services / Classes

  • Suite Cama
    180 seat
    • Comfortable leather shoes
    • A reclining angle of 180º
    • Feet support with a reclining angle of 180º
    • Privacy curtain available
    • Blankets and pillows provided
    • Cold entry, hot dinner, dessert and breakfast on board. Beverages: sodas, wine, juice and mineral water
    • Appetizer: whiskey, sparkling wine and coffee liquor
    • Coffee, mate cocido or tea
    • Surround sound system available
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • MP3 and DVD players
    • Type of service:
    • Su: 1st class suite service class
    • Sx: without on board meal
  • Cama Vip
    150 seat
    • Semi-cama leather / cloth seats
    • A reclining angle of 150º
    • Feet support
    • Breakfast
    • Blankets and pillows provided
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • MP3 and DVD players
    • Extra wide bus seat
    • Type of service:
    • Ej: with on-board meal
    • Ex: without on board meal
  • Semi-cama
    120º seat
    • Semi-cama leather / cloth seats
    • A reclining angle of 120º
    • Feet support
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • Music and video players
    • Type of service:
    • Sj: with on-board meal service
    • Sc: without on board meal

Destinations and routes covered by Ñandú del Sur:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

The destinations covered by the company are located entirely in the center-east of the country, including the Provinces of Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Rosario. With this in mind, some of the most requested and popular destinations covered by the company are: Paraná, Bahia Blanca, Venado Tuerto, Villa María, General Villegas, Rufino, Rosario, Bolívar, Tornquist, Pigue, 9 de Julio, Puente Saavedra (Saaverda Bridge), Coronel Suarez, Trenque Lauquen and Laboulaye.