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General Artigas - EGA

The company works every day to achieve excellence in security services and user satisfaction through professionalism, creativity and commitment of the entire company, to become the best passenger transport company within Mercosur.

Selecting above in the search engine, after indicating the city of origin and destination, and date of travel, you can buy tickets in micro with the company EGA. You can also find information such as arrival times, departure times, ticket prices and their availability.

Services / Classes

Suite - Leito

  • Wide and fully reclinable seats (180 °)
  • Support for feet
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Air conditioner
  • Bathroom

 Semi Suite - Semi Leito

  • Comfortable armchairs
  • Support for feet
  • Air conditioner
  • Bathroom

Destinations and routes covered by General Artigas - EGA:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

Tours in Argentina:

Montevideo a Córdoba: Montevideo, Fray Bentos, Paysandú, Tres Cruces, Victoria, Rosario, Villa Maria, Córdoba, Rosario, Paraná, Santa Fe, San Francisco.

Montevideo a Mendoza: Montevideo, Fray Bentos, Rosario, San Luis, Mendoza.

Montevideo a Rosario: Montevideo, Victoria, Fray Bentos, Villa María, Rosario.

Montevideo a Santa Fe: Montevideo, Paysandú, Paraná, Santa Fe.

Tours in Brazil:

Montevideo a San Pablo: Punta del Este, Montevideo, San Carlos, Aduana Chuy, San Pablo.

Montevideo a Porto Alegre: Montevideo, Pelotas, Punta del Este, San Carlos, Aduana Chuy, Porto Alegre.

Montevideo a Curitiba: Punta Del Este, Montevideo, San Carlos,  Aduana Chuy, Camboriu, Joinville, Curitiva.

Tours in Chile:

Montevideo a Santiago de Chile: Montevideo, Santiago de Chile.

Tours in Paraguay:

Montevideo a Asunción: Montevideo, Asunción del Paraguay.


Tours in Uruguay:



Montevideo, Minas, Mariscala, Varela, Treinta y Tres y Melo