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Unión Platense

Unión Platense is a company founded in 1938, starting its activities with line 214. Since then it has been part of the daily life of all the inhabitants of the city of La Plata and the entire neighboring region. It currently offers its services through 10 lines of urban, intercity and long distance buses; joining destinations in La Plata, Berisso, Ensenada, Magdalena, Ranelagh, Berazategui, Brandsen, San Miguel del Monte, Las Flores, Ranchos, Gral. Belgrano, Azul, Olavarría and Gral. La Madrid.

It has a modern fleet, with more than 250 units, equipped with elements that provide the passenger with the comfort and quality necessary to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant trip.

The slogan "We transport the most valuable" expresses the company's commitment, knowing that passengers are the best capital that each city has and therefore are deserving of optimal and responsible service.

Unión Platense bets on permanent development and constant growth, for which the best combination between an excellent product and an ideal, committed staff that performs an exemplary task where values ​​and respect for life and human quality prevail. In 2004, the services of line 273 began, which connects the south of La Plata with the downtown area and the neighborhoods in the north: Tolosa, Ringuelet, Gonnet, City Bell and Villa Elisa, adding to its mobile fleet 87 more units.

From October 2019, line 417 is incorporated, incorporating 6 units 0 km, thus connecting the city of La Plata with Mar del Plata, Miramar and Necochea.

Services / Classes

140º seat
  • Seats with a reclining angle of 140º
  • Autobar
  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • DVD movies on-board
  • Music player
  • On-board bathroom
  • Individual light

Destinations and routes covered by Unión Platense:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

  1. Dolores - Mar del Plata

  2. La Plata - Mar del Plata

  3. Olavarría - Azul

  4. Mar del Plata - La Plata

  5. Azul - Olavarría

  6. La Plata - Necochea

  7. La Plata - Chascomús

  8. La Plata - San Miguel del Monte

  9. San Miguel del Monte - La Plata

  10. La Plata - Brandsen

  11. La Plata - Dolores

  12. La Plata - Olavarría

  13. Necochea - La Plata

  14. Mar del Plata - Dolores

  15. La Plata - Magdalena

  16. La Plata - Angel Etcheverry

  17. La Plata - Las Flores

  18. Olavarría - La Plata

  19. Chascomús - Dolores

  20. Coronel Vidal - Necochea

  21. Castelli - Mar del Plata