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KMB is a wholesale tourism company, which since 1993 has been providing services to retail agencies in the province of Córdoba and the interior of the country.

The objective is to offer tourist products that satisfy the most diverse needs of the market, imposing above all things "Seriousness and Efficiency". Its mission is based on transmitting confidence and security to customers through excellent attention from its employees, who are trained to provide quick and effective solutions to any type of concern or problem. All this through the development of a careful selection of suppliers.

Services / Classes

  • 140º seat
    • Seats with a reclining angle of 140º
    • Autobar
    • Heating and air-conditioning
    • DVD movies on-board
    • Music player
    • On-board bathroom
    • Individual light
  • Common seat
    • Common
    • Air-conditioning
    • Luggage rack
    • Security camera
    • Wi-Fi
    • TDA: Televisión Digital Abierta (Open-air digital television)

Destinations and routes covered by KMB:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

  1. Córdoba - Florianópolis

  2. Santa Fe - Florianópolis

  3. Florianópolis - Córdoba

  4. Córdoba - Camboriu

  5. Paraná - Florianópolis

  6. Paraná - Camboriu

  7. Camboriu - Córdoba

  8. Florianópolis - Santa Fe

  9. Santa Fe - Camboriu

  10. Florianópolis - Paraná

  11. Camboriu - Santa Fe

  12. Camboriu - Paraná