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El Práctico

We are a team that works day by day to meet the needs of our customers. Trajectory, service, quality and excellence are the conditions which characterize us. We are backed by the support of more than 20 years in the passenger transport market. Based in the center area of Argentina, we have an advanced infrastructure to maintain our units in perfect conditions.
Our modern fleet is made up of 50 bus units with an average age of 2 years, and we are proud to be the first company in the Province of Córdoba that works with the preventive maintenance system of the same, which guarantees the perfect state of the units.

Currently we have added to the Cordoba Bus Terminal, our points of sale in each location that our cars travel, with our human staff trained to provide the best care.
The incorporation of new technologies and the constant training of our personnel in matters of safety and service, guarantees a continuous improvement in our performance. We have made a difference through a special emphasis on the adequacy of human resources, the comfort of our units, the quality of catering and the hygiene of the bus. Customer satisfaction is our premise. Our history continues to be written every day, with the contribution of all those who are part of the company and those customers who continue to choose us to make all of their trips.

Services / Classes

  • 1st class suite
    180 seat
    • Comfortable and cosy leather seats
    • A reclining angle of 180º
    • Feet support with a reclining angle of 180º
    • Privacy curtain available
    • Blankets and pillows provided
    • Menu to choose: meat, vegetables or chicken
    • Surround sound system available
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • MP3 and DVD players
    • Type of service:
    • Su: 1st class suite service class
  • Executive Cama
    150 seat
    • Leather / cloth seats
    • A reclining angle of 150º
    • Feet support
    • Breakfast
    • Blankets and pillows provided
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • MP3 and DVD players
    • Extra wide bus seat
    • Type of service:
    • Ej: with on-board meal
  • Semi-cama
    120º seat
    • Leather / cloth seats
    • A reclining angle of 120º
    • Feet support
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • Music and video players
    • Type of service:
    • Sc: without on board meal

Destinations and routes covered by El Práctico:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

The most popular destinations and routes of the company are: 1- Departing from Buenos Aires: Cordoba, Cosquin, La Falda, La Cumbre and Villa María. 2- Departing from Corrientes: Reconquista (Santa Fe), Carlos Paz, San Francisco, San Justo and Vera. 3- Departing from Santa Fe: Córdoba, Carlos Paz, Cosquín, Santiago del Estero, Termas (Hot Springs) de Rio Hondo and Tucumán.