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El Rapido Internacional

El Rápido Internacional is a transportation company that connects the country from center to north, and also provides international services, from Argentina to Chile, Uruguay and the Republic of Peru.

Currently the company carries 750,000 passengers and travels 11,500,000 km annually.

Services / Classes

  • Destinations and routes covered by the company
    150 seat
    • Leather / cloth seats
    • A reclining angle of 150º
    • Feet support
    • Breakfast
    • Blankets and pillows provided
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • MP3 and DVD players
    • Extra wide bus seat
    • Type of service:
    • Ej: with on-board meal
    • Ex: without on board meal
  • Semi-cama
    120º seat
    • Leather / cloth seats
    • A reclining angle of 120º
    • Feet support
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • Music and video players
    • Type of service:
    • Sj: with on-board meal service
    • Sc: without on board meal

Destinations and routes covered by El Rapido Internacional:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

The Rapido Int. Has many destinations throughout Argentina, among them we can name: Mendoza, Tucumán, Buenos Aires (Retiro), Jujuy, Pocitos, Cordoba, Río Cuarto, Rosario and Neuquén. Also localities like: Cipolletti, Cinco Saltos, General Alvear, San Rafael, General Alvear, Chepes, Quines, Villa Mercedes, Mina Clavero, Mackenna River, Mackenna, Rufino, Venado Tuerto, Junín, La Victoria, San Nicolás, Victoria, the Spa Of Río Hondo, Metán, General Güemes, San Pedro, La Quiaca, Pichanal, Aguas Blancas, Oran, Tartagal, Gualeguaychú and Salvador Mazza.

As we mentioned before, El Rápido Internacional is characterized by covering different international destinations, among them we can highlight: in Chile; Valparaiso, Viña del Mar, Santiago (the country's capital), La Serena, Copiapó, Chañaral and Antofagasta. Within Peru: Lima (the country's capital) and Arica. In Uruguay: Montevideo (the country's capital) and Fray Bentos.