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ETA Kurtz

ETA Kurtz is based at the Terminal Retirement Station. It has a renewed fleet of 0km units equipped with maximum comfort and the latest technology, which allows us to provide you with a first-class service.

ETA has joined the frequent flyer program club you visit so that you can add points every time you travel by bus and it is attached to the VIP lounge of Retiro.

Services / Classes

  • 140º seat
    • Seats with a reclining angle of 140º
    • Autobar
    • Heating and air-conditioning
    • DVD movies on-board
    • Music player
    • On-board bathroom
    • Individual light
  • Common seat
    • Common
    • Air-conditioning
    • Luggage rack
    • Security camera
    • Wi-Fi
    • TDA: Televisión Digital Abierta (Open-air digital television)

Destinations and routes covered by ETA Kurtz:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

Paraná - Santa Elena

Buenos Aires - La Paz

Buenos Aires - Santa Elena

Paraná - Feliciano

Santa Elena - Paraná

La Paz - Paraná

Feliciano - Paraná

Buenos Aires - Gualeguay

Buenos Aires - Sauce

Gualeguay - Buenos Aires

Santa Elena - La Paz

Sauce - Buenos Aires

Feliciano - La Paz

La Paz - Feliciano

Santa Elena - Buenos Aires

El Talar de Pacheco - La Paz

Buenos Aires - María Grande

Paraná - Sauce