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Expreso Singer

Expreso Singer is a company based in the Province of Misiones. It is currently in a stage of changes, with an expansion of all of its services, and a total renovation of its current bus fleet.

The company has committed itself to a reaffirmation of the commitment to the passenger, whether is the businessman, the tourist or the general public that travels from Misiones to Cordoba, Rosario and Buenos Aires or vice versa, with the goal of meeting all the needs and giving the customer the service he deserves.

Services / Classes

  • Total Cama
    180 seat
    • Comfortable and cosy leather seats
    • A reclining angle of 180º
    • Feet support with a reclining angle of 180º
    • Privacy curtain available
    • Blankets and pillows provided
    • Dinner: cold starter, hot dinner, desser, tea pastries
    • Breakfast: teas with croissants
    • Coffee, water, juice, light sodas, wine, champagne, whiskey and beer
    • Surround sound system available
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • MP3 and DVD players
    • Type of service:
    • Su: 1st class suite service class
  • Executive Cama
    150 seat
    • Leather / cloth seats
    • A reclining angle of 150º
    • Feet support
    • Dinner: cold entrance, hot dinner, dessert
    • Breakfast: tea(s) with croissants
    • Coffee, water, light soda, wine, champagne, beer, whiskey
    • Blankets and pillows provided
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • MP3 and DVD players
    • Extra wide bus seat
    • Type of service:
    • Ej: with on-board meal
    • Ex: without on board meal
  • Semi-cama
    120º seat
    • Leather / cloth seats
    • A reclining angle of 120º
    • Feet support
    • Cold dinner
    • Breakfast: teas with croissants
    • Coffee, water, soda
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • Music and video players
    • Type of service:
    • Sc: without on board meal

Destinations and routes covered by Expreso Singer:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

The company covers different localities of the country, mostly in the center east and northeast of the country. Localities within the provinces of: Buenos Aires, Entre Rios, Cordoba, Santa Fe, Corrientes and Misiones. Bearing this in mind, some of the where the company provides its services are: Rosario, Paraná, Retiro, Luján, La Plata, Gualeguaychú, Concordia, Paso de Los Libres, Curuzú Cuatiá, Santo Tomé, Apóstoles, Oberá, Posadas, El Dorado, Puerto Iguazú and San Vicente.