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Iselin S.A. mission is: "To be leaders in the provision of the public transport service of passengers of short, medium and long distance within the province of Mendoza". To comply with this fully, the company strictly adheres to the following policies:

• To adopt the quality of service as a strategy and a tool to achieve our vision.
• To provide a safe, comfortable transportation service and to fulfill destinations and schedules.
• To respond quickly to customer satisfaction and safety when using our services.
• To monitor the passengers and our human resources needs.
• To comply with the health and safety at work.

Services / Classes

  • Common service
    120º seat
    • Leather / cloth seats
    • Feet support
    • Auto bar
    • Air-conditioning and heating
    • Toilette
    • Plasma TV
    • Reading light
    • Type of service:
    • Co: common service

Destinations and routes covered by Iselin:

recorridos y salidas de la empresa

Among the most requested destinations and routes provided by the company are:
1- San Rafael - Mendoza - San Rafael: San Rafael Terminal, Rivadavia and Dorrego, Rawson (one block from the roundabout), El Toledano Street, Aeropuerto, Captain Montoya passing Las Vias, El Cristo, La Tosca, Paso de las Carretas (2 garitas), Pareditas: in Luffi street and in Garita, Chilecito, Eug. Bustos Terminal, Tunuyán (YPF, Plaza, Police / School) and Azcuenaga.
2- San Rafael - Malargüe - Las Leñas: San Rafael Terminal, Moreno and Irigoyen, Balloffet and Sarmiento, Balloffet and Los Sauces, Balloffet and Los Filtros, Amapola Street, Estoco, Cuadro Benegas: Calle el Moro, Barrio Echevarrieta, School.
3- Malargüe - San Rafael: 9 de Julio and Sarmiento, Moreno and Chile and Terminal.
4- San Rafael - General Alvear - San Rafael: Terminal of San Rafael, Zapata and Edison, Miter and Pringles, Bolivar, Reconquista, La Pampa, Chubut, La Rioja, La Copa and Frente al Fortín.
5- San Rafael - General Alvear by Balloffet: San Rafael Terminal, Moreno and Irigoyen, Balloffet and Irigoyen, San Antonio Church, Sarmiento, Quiroga, Inalican, Los Sauces, Covisan, Filters, Amapola, Route 143 and Ejército de Los Andes.
6- Direct buses to General Alvear: San Rafael bus Terminal, Zapata and Edison, Miter and Pringles, Bolivar, Cárcel and La Copa.